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Individual career coaching

There have been times in my own career when I would have welcomed the insight and support of a professional career coach. It can be hard to move forward when work and life makes you feel like you haven’t the time. Your dreams and aspirations can get left behind and you feel stuck in a career that leaves you feeling isolated and unfulfilled.

My coaching is designed to help you move forward and achieve more.

Steps to a positive career

Improving your self-perspective
My coaching will help you to view your career more positively. It will offer an objective, sometimes challenging but honest assessment of your career so you can focus on your key skills and strengths enabling you to identify and confidently tackle areas of improvement. It’s a safe space to discuss the barriers and concerns preventing you from moving forward and help you understand how best to overcome them through clear goal-setting. Supporting you in changing your perspective you will feel invigorated to make better career choices, improve relationships with peers and direct reports and improve how view yourself and your achievements.

A practical solution
Starting with the career you want, my coaching will support you to move from now to the next phase of your career confidently. Advanced networking sessions will show you how to identify and reach out to the right employers to support your career growth; and how best to showcase your key skills and experience during the hiring process. My background in recruitment is essential providing you the insider knowledge to help you become job-ready; from having a CV that is appealing to hiring managers to tips to improve confidence during interviews and/or presentations.

Ongoing support
Many of my clients are seeking career change through promotion or a new position or career direction, whilst others are looking to set up a small business. Many are in the mid to later stages of their careers, with some returning to work following redundancy, maternity or paternity leave, or after long-term absence.

The Benefits of Coaching

How my coaching can help you


Lifetime of Work

As you age and mature, so your personal goals and objectives change. Life moments, such as meeting a new partner, marriage, buying a house or starting a family, impact on how you feel about yourself and your career. Being happy at work is fundamental to your own happiness, your social status and the happiness of those around you.

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