Performance and Leadership Development

In-person and Online

Developing your people is the key to success

Key to the success of any organisation is the development of its people. A business with a focus on career management, learning and development of its employees and, critically, make this the heart of their strategy enjoy greater success over those who don’t. As a result, they also have higher retention rates.

My performance and leadership development supports your existing leaders to develop more strategic thinking, which in turn promotes the development of greater responsibility amongst their teams and helps to identify future leaders. This correlates directly to improved individual, team and business performance, increases loyalty whilst reducing workplace stress and sickness.

This represents a real cost saving to your business and helps shape your organisation to meet the goals and strategy you have identified and are working towards.

Coaching for performance during Covid-19

Covid-19 has greatly disrupted the workplace as businesses restructure to meet the challenges ahead. Leaders and teams have been displaced, with some working remotely, and so the challenges in maintaining strategy and performance is great; and particularly so for business development and customer support teams.

As a result, there is an increased demand for performance and leadership coaching as organisations seek to offer their full support to employees and customers during the challenging months ahead.


  • Leadership Coaching

Leaders are at the forefront of your business and changes caused by Covid-19 has increased the demands on strategy and performance.  In order to meet this challenge, leaders are having to develop new techniques and strategies that best support their workforce, or team, whilst maintaining individual and business output, in addition to their own performance levels.

Leadership Coaching will help to identify strategies for effective team engagement and development, responding to the wellbeing needs of individuals and maintaining business focus. It also provides a safe space for leaders to discuss and evaluate self-performance against business targets.


  • Team Motivation and Performance 

During periods of uncertainty, it’s natural for employees to look beyond their current organisation in the hope to find greater stability. Covid-19 has prompted some to to reconsider their relationship with work and spend more time with their families and the desire to improve their work-life balance. provided an opportunity for many to reconsider their career identity, desire increased job-satisfaction, facilitate their personal development and achieve a better work-life balance.

Employee expectations have shifted towards training and development and are demanding changes in the style of leadership they are experiencing. They’re seeking purpose and value from their work and seeking out organisations that support this. Therefore it’s essential to understand your employees, listen to their needs and develop a strategy that meets this.


  • Individual Coaching

Research shows that employees are happiest when they are challenged, engaged and invested in their work. As you age and mature, so your personal goals and objectives change. Add to this constant changes in the workplace, or your own view of your workplace, and it’s easy to feel as though you’re treading water in your career.

Individual Coaching will help you to view your career development objectively, identify areas of development or help you make the changes in your career and your development that gives you greater satisfaction in your work. It helps you regain confidence, unlock your potential and how best to network the hidden job market into a better opportunity.


  • Redundancy Outplacement

For employers in some sectors the spectre of redundancy is real. Many are facing the prospect of reducing their workforce whilst simultaneously being concerned with offering the right support to enable employees to exit the business with hope for the prospect of finding future work.

Redundancy Outplacement provides both emotional and practical support when moving on following redundancy. These one-to-one coaching sessions provide structured and qualified career guidance that supports proactive job search, networking the hidden job-market and identifying a long-term career plan that supports individual needs.


  • Recruiting to Retain

Throughout my recruitment career, I’ve seen the benefits of developing a long-term recruitment strategy and how vital it is to organisational success. A great business will value the importance of engaging with great talent, identifying and engaging with new hires many months in advance of their employment.

Recruiting to Retain will always identify the long-term hiring needs of your business that compliments and supports your existing team structure. It will help your business to develop a network of potential hires that align with your company values, communicate effectively to attract key hires and help to identify the leaders of tomorrow. Simply put, it is an essential strategy in your future planning.

A wealth of careers experience

For almost 30 years I have worked with businesses and individuals in the field of recruitment and careers. I have partnered with FTSE100 companies, through to specialist niche or boutique organisations. I have supported business leaders, directors and key employees in their own business and career decisions. From this trusted vantage point, I’ve developed an understanding of effective recruitment methods, the psychology behind career decisions and how to network and collaborate successfully.

I bring this wealth of insight and experience into my Performance and Leadership Development Coaching. For more details, please get in touch.