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Improves retention, reduces recruitment costs
Good workplace wellbeing is fundamental to the success of your business. Studies have shown that staff development leads to a greater sense of teamwork, trust and job satisfaction. It also means your team are less likely to consider external opportunities which reduces recruitment and training costs. In the UK the cost of replacing a team member is in excess of £30k. My team coaching offers your business an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to your teams, their personal development and wellbeing.

The benefits don’t stop there. My team coaching reduces workplace stress and sickness and it’s also a useful way to identify higher potential employees that display the acumen and collaborative bigger-picture thinking needed to develop into senior team members or management.

Practical development
Following an initial assessment of your business needs, I develop coaching sessions that encourage your staff to be more open, improving their communication across the business and encourages self-reflection and more individual responsibility within their role which enables staff to develop their skills and commitment to the business. By encouraging a more strategic approach it will modify negative self-defeating beliefs and you will see increased confidence and job satisfaction.

Both previously as a recruiter and now as a coach, I’ve worked with businesses that provide realistic and structured development for employees in addition to being a great place to work. Additionally, it enables them to be seen as an employer of choice locally, which is great for recruitment.

Cost effective coaching
Many of my business clients utilise my coaching on a quarterly or halfyearly basis, depending on the size of their organisation. It provides a great way of maintaining and supporting of staff development and enables them to respond to an ever-changing business environment. Some encourage individual coaching programmes for staff, either to support their return to work, following promotion or for new recruits.

The benefits of my team coaching for business offers you a cost-effective solution that will help reduce staff turnover and in turn negate the need for expensive recruitment.

Benefits of Coaching

How my coaching will benefit your business


Lifetime of Work

How we think about our careers has changed enormously during my own 30-year career; and will continue to change and evolve as we explore new working practices, identify new roles and skills, through advances in technology. With each advancement more and more people are wanting to seek greater control and understanding of their career.

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