Performance and Leadership Development

Coaching for performance during Covid-19

Covid-19 has disrupted all of our working lives. It’s forced businesses to restructure and adjust working practices to meet the unfolding challenges. Displaced leaders and their teams, often working remotely, need greater support to maintain business focus whilst supporting concerns over mental-health and long-term stability so your business can bounce back stronger.

Sadly, for those whose businesses and jobs have been lost its time to make a fresh start.

This has resulted in an upsurge in demand for performance and leadership coaching for leaders and their teams, outplacement support, and individual coaching and career planning as we each to move forward stronger in 2021 and beyond.


Development is critical to success

As individuals we want career opportunities that offer learning and development, in a challenging but rewarding environment that supports and rewards our contribution. If you’re an employer this is what your employees want. Otherwise they will move on.

In my work as a recruiter this was the number one reason why candidates engaged me to find new opportunities.

Key to the success of any organisation is the development of its people. A business with a focus on career management and learning and development at the heart of its strategy will you enjoy a greater success over those who don’t.

My performance and leadership coaching will develop your leadership skills and that of you teams; and will help you to identify future leaders that align with your business values and increase retention and productivity in the workplace.

Or it can help you turn your business idea into a reality; and help you to plan your own career story.

For Companies

For Individuals


“I can honestly say Mark is a delight to work with someone who is considered; he listens very intently to the brief, asks the right questions and finds out very quickly all the critical details need to do the job right first time. He has never wasted my time.”

Petra, Director

“Committed, informed and a great sounding board. 

If you are seeking a new role, then speak to Mark, he will guide you through the pitfalls and discreetly ensure that you get the right role within the right timescales.”

Stuart, Digital Transformation Specialist

A wealth of experience

For almost 30 years I have worked with businesses and individuals in the field of recruitment and careers; and have partnered with FTSE100 companies, corporate, SMEs and start-ups. This trusted position has provided me a wealth of experience that I bring to my coaching and business support.

Get in touch and add value to your business or career.