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Do you feel challenged?

In my work as a career coach, and previously as a recruiter, I have discussed the catalyst behind career change with hundreds of clients and peers. The most common reply is to find a more challenging opportunity than their current one.

This answer is the same regardless of length of service. In fact, the longer they are in a role the more bored and the less challenged they feel. And so Monday drags until Friday, all too quickly it’s Sunday, and then Monday once more. It’s a monotonous cycle people want to break.

The 2017 Taylor Review, looking at Modern Working Practices, says: ‘All work in the UK economy should be fair and decent with realistic scope for development and fulfilment.’

Development and fulfilment are vital in feeling happy and stable in our work. Studies show how this benefits your mental health and wellbeing.

Simply put, being challenged at work is good for you – so, how much are you enjoying your work right now?

Be an employer of choice

As outlined above, money is not the main driving factor behind job change. My own experience of this is supported by research that showing that employees want to feel valued, enriched and stable in their work.

Throughout my career I’ve made a point of partnering with employers that understand this. I’ve learned that these employers share common traits: they offer personal development and growth in an open and supportive workspace; recognise the importance of trust, individuality and flexibility; they hire well and are open to new ideas. This forms part of their company vision and is reflected in their benefits package and company structure. They still pay salaries on a par with other local employers but mostly promote from within and their staff retention is higher than most.

In the wake of Covid-19, employees and businesses have found new ways to work. For some, the social engagement of the workplace is important, whilst others have enjoyed the flexibility of working from home. As business navigates a clear direction ahead employees are watching with interest, keen to align with employers that can best accommodate their career and personal aspirations.

My team coaching can help your business to meet the challenges your business and teams face and help you become an employer of choice.

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