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A passion for people

My journey to becoming a career professional is founded on my passion for people and careers; and I feel blessed that since 2006 I’ve enabled my clients to make great and rewarding career decisions.

Find out more about my own career story and the values that drive me.


My values

Born and raised a Brummie, I’m the son of two loving and supportive parents. Dad worked at ‘the Rover’ in Solihull and Mum was a school cleaner – neither were afraid of hard work.

We had some tough times but they taught me the importance of facing down life’s challenges; and making time to enjoy life outside of work.

In addition to being great parents they also supported neighbours with hot meals, drinks or just company which has helped me to appreciate the virtue of helping others. I feel fortunate to have had two brilliant role models who made the most of life and helped define mine.

It’s their experiences and values that I have continued in my own family life, in my work and bring to my coaching.


With over 30 years business experience, including 25 years as a professional recruiter; collaborating with global brands, corporate businesses and independent SMEs. My experience includes board level and senior operations, business start-ups and consulting across a range of specialist industry sectors.

Like most people, I’ve experienced tough times in my career but my resilience and flexible approach to change has helped me overcome these. I’m a problem-solver with a natural instinct for getting to the root of an issue and finding a resolve.

In my work with both individuals and clients I offer a consultative and supporting coaching experience; and am driven by a passion to make a positive difference and deliver great results.


Postgraduate Certificate

Masters in Career Development and Coaching Studies, University of Warwick (June 2020)

Registered Professional

Registered Career Development Professional and member, Career Development Institute (CDI)

Code of Ethics

Please follow this link to access the CDI’s Code of Ethics I use in my coaching 

CDI Private Practice Community

A member of the steering group for Private Practice community of interest group for independent practitioners

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Coaching Practitioner

Associate coaching practitioner for external organisations

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